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What my grandparents had

I want a love like my grandparents.  You know the kind – everlasting and memorable. Maybe I am an old soul. Maybe I am over the whole meet at the bar, talk for two weeks and then we stop texting scene.  Maybe I am ready to grow up. Read More » » »

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Love in a small town

I hail from the land of Ericson, Nebraska.  Ericson is a little village (can’t even be called a town) tucked away back in the Sandhills.  With only 93 people and the majority of them collecting their social security check, dating is pretty sparse where I come from. Read More » » »

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My life is just like March Madness

As a senior in college, March Madness doesn’t end in March.  In fact, the madness is only gearing up.  With graduation quickly approaching and no job, no permanent living situation and an overwhelming amount of student loans on the horizon, it is quite easy to go mad. Read More » » »

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