About Kassaundra

Meet the newest addition to Hitchcock Blogs.

Hi all, I am a senior at Creighton University studying public relations and news on that good old journalism grind.  Feel free to make fun of my strange phrases and funny drawl because I fully embrace the fact that I am a hick straight out of the Sandhills of Nebraska.  I have this funny habit of taking off my shoes when all I really want to do is simply sit down and was convinced as a child that I would marry Johnny Cash when I grew up.

The goal of my blog is to entertain and by some aligning of the cosmos enlighten.  In the past I have written extensively about dating in the college scene, but do not claim to be an expert whatsoever.  My thoughts tend to get a wee jumbled so if it seems as though I am jumping around all over the place more than likely I drank one too many (8+) cups of coffee.

Call me, tweet me, if you want to reach me. (If you don’t get that reference I am indeed as old as I feel.)