May 2014
Kassaundra Hartley

What my grandparents had

I want a love like my grandparents.  You know the kind – everlasting and memorable.

Maybe I am an old soul. Maybe I am over the whole meet at the bar, talk for two weeks and then we stop texting scene.  Maybe I am ready to grow up.up-
My emotions could just be running rampant with college graduation around the corner or maybe I am finally realizing that my future isn’t sitting on the bar stool next to me.

Now I’m not knocking anyone that met the love of his or her life in a bar, I just don’t think it is for me.  I’m not saying I want some rom-com story about how I met my husband; I just want it to be a genuine first meet.

The bar scene isn’t for me.  I am not a fan of crowds unless it involves being front row at a Ke$ha
concert.  I hate not being able to hear the person I am talking to and I can’t stand the vulturous looks I get from other girls in a bar when I am talking to a cute boy.  For all they know, we could just be really good friends enjoying a night out on the town.

As I procrastinate on my last few papers of school and think about the future I reflect on what it is I want in a man.  Most may think that seems cliché, but I want someone from a background like mine.  I grew up on a ranch and learned to love the land.  I want someone who can spend hours outside moving cattle and not get bored.  I want someone who will go hunting with me and relax at the fishing hole for a few hours on a lazy Sunday.  I want someone who appreciates family and the support network they are.

I want what my grandparents had.


I don’t need a whirlwind romance type of love or a love at first sight story.  I want a simple love, someone who loves me for me.  They don’t have to handle all my crazy qualities but they need to be able to laugh at them.  I want someone who loves the heartland as much as I do.  Someone who will stay up late to watch the lightning and will get up early to do chores with me.

I want what my grandparents had.

I want someone who isn’t afraid to tease me when I burn dinner for the third time that week.  Someone who appreciates long hugs and long walks.  Someone who will wake me up at three a.m. because a calf needs pulled or there is a meteor shower.  I want someone who will carry around my picture in his wallet even after I am gone.

I want what my grandparents had.

I want someone who will hold my hand when I am sick.  I want someone who will take our grandkids
out to fix fence even when they are too small to reach the middle wire.  I want someone who will teach our kids what it is to be responsible and always keep their word.  I want someone who sticks it out through the
ups and downs of life.

I want what my grandparents had.