Apr 2014
Kassaundra Hartley

Easter Break is the best break

Easter may be the best break of the year.  It is a signal that the end of the semester is near and that if I breathe deep I may make it through finals week. 

The best part about coming home for Easter isn’t the three-hour drive home by myself or all radio stations playing country music (as they should be.)  The best part about coming home for Easter is that I can share home with my friends.

Family is a huge part of my life and I couldn’t imagine spending a holiday away from my family.  I firmly believe that no one else should have to either.  Freshman year rolled around and I finally worked up the courage to ask my mom if my friend from Colorado could come up for Easter break.  After my mom agreed I realized the poor girl had no idea what she was in for.

I come from a larger family; my mom is a child of five and I of three.  We pack all 13 of my cousins, 10 aunts and uncles, plus my grandma into this itty-bitty farmhouse.  Lunch is an absolute free for all and you have to dodge my little nuggets of cousins if you want your plate to survive.  If you manage to shovel down some home cooked food you may have time to find your Easter basket before an ornery uncle finds it first and re-hides it (at the top of the abandoned chicken coop.)


The hand dyed Easter egg hunt is the best part of all by far.  They are hidden everywhere from inside the swing set to the mailbox half a mile away from the house.

This year, now that I am of age I get to participate in Easter Pallooza.  I can’t really give you many details, but please say a quick prayer for my liver.

My family can be a bit overwhelming, but being able to share such a crazy time with a good friend is something that I cherish.  Plus it shows they are in the friendship for the long haul.

Having my family welcome a friend with open arms and make them feel like they are just a long lost cousin is the best part of Easter weekend.