Mar 2014
Kassaundra Hartley

My life is just like March Madness

As a senior in college, March Madness doesn’t end in March.  In fact, the madness is only gearing up.  With graduation quickly approaching and no job, no permanent living situation and an overwhelming amount of student loans on the horizon, it is quite easy to go mad.

Some days I feel like I am losing my mind.  I lie awake at night wondering about the future and what it holds.  An impending sense of doom surrounds me.  My poor roommates and close friends are getting the full brunt of my mood swings, especially the tears.

Every one keeps telling me to chill out and everything will work out like it is supposed to, but that doesn’t easy the panic.  My life is one ESPN Tournament Challenge.  The battle of priorities is what I like to call it.  Right now the hunt for a house and a job are battling in the Midwest versus West section of the final four.  Graduating (passing all my classes) and staying involved in my extra curricular activities such as the sorority I love, Theta Phi Alpha, are duking it out in the South versus East.

Right now the job hunt seems to be winning over the house hunt and classes are coming in with a solid lead over extra curriculars.  I would love for them all to be equal but let’s be realistic nothing ever balances perfectly in life.

So cheers to the unknown and one more month of college.

Oh and I’m trying to do this thing where I branch out everyone’s music taste with a random song I recently listened to.  Warning: Some may become addicting and I am not responsible for songs being played on repeat on end.

Today’s is: One Day/Reckoning song by Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut Remix)

Credit to Donal O’Donohue my boat driver in Ireland for showing me the song.

The original is just as good.